Jerry Don

  Jerry Don wakes up from a night of hard drinking. As he tries to piece things together, he is greeted by two conflicting sets of people. One being a cowboy who ranches with Jerry Don, the other a couple who work as film editors with Jerry Don. Which story is true? Jerry Don would […]

As Far As The Eye Can See

Jack Ridge is stuck, 40 years old, living on a North Texas farm he has let go to seed. In the land of Van Cliburn, where classical piano holds pride of place, Jack is a former prodigy who has withdrawn to his family’s land. His wife has left him, and the week of the annual […]


Forty years after placing his wife in a sanitarium, and at the ripe age of 75, Lester decides to break her out. Complications ensue. L is a new play currently in development.  It was a part of the Road Theatre’s Summer Playwrights Festival in North Hollywood this past summer.

The Play About The Coach

Click Here to see the video. The Play About The Coach was first developed in 2007. That year, it enjoyed workshop performances at the People’s Improv Theatre (PIT) and the Tank in New York. In the fall of ’08, The Coach was a part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival playing in the historic museum district […]