The Road Theatre Playwrights Festival

The Road Theatre in North Hollywood, will be doing a reading of my new play – L – on Tuesday, July 28th @ 8pm.  Cast: Richard Herd, Laurie Okin, Joshua Wolf Coleman.  Directed by William Charlton. Come check it out!


As Far As The Eye Can See.    

Coach Shout-Out!

Mark Oristano – actor/photographer/sportscaster/friend/all around good dude – said some kind words about The Coach recently on Theatre Jones – a website for the theatre arts in the DFW metroplex.  He’s talking sports.  He’s talking theatre.  Give ‘er a read at  Thanks, Mark!  


The Facebook page for the feature film As Far As The Eye Can See is up!  Principal photography begins June 8th, 2015.  Stay connected and informed at

The Bologna Warrior

Shot the short film, The Bologna Warrior, this weekend with the incomparable Tom Dimenna.  Clips coming soon!


An in depth read on The Coach from the worldwide leader in sports.  Read!!!

Daily News, et al and and and

Nytheatre Review

Roundtable #2

Click below to see the next series of the roundtable where we discuss everything from unions to politics to art to HUAC to our role in the community.  Take a day off from work and give it a read!