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The IndieWIRE interview with director David Franklin for As Far As The Eye Can See.  The cherry-on-top of all that Project of the Day… Week… Month work.  Give it a read.  Stay in the know.

As Far As The Eye Can See

Jack Ridge is stuck, 40 years old, living on a North Texas farm he has let go to seed. In the land of Van Cliburn, where classical piano holds pride of place, Jack is a former prodigy who has withdrawn to his family’s land. His wife has left him, and the week of the annual […]


Forty years after placing his wife in a sanitarium, and at the ripe age of 75, Lester decides to break her out. Complications ensue. L is a new play currently in development.  It was a part of the Road Theatre’s Summer Playwrights Festival in North Hollywood this past summer.

The Hits Keep Coming

First “Project of the Day” then “Project of the Week” and now we’ve completed the hat trick by becoming IndieWIRE’s “Project of the Month.”  Almost 800 wonderful souls voted for As Far As The Eye Can See to help us reach this acclaim. Stay in the loop as we hope to report more positive news through the […]

IndieWIRE “Project of the Week”

Great news keeps coming for my feature film As Far As The Eye Can See.  With over 400 votes, we were voted IndieWIRE’s “Project of the Week”.  Voting for “Project of the Month” will be happening soon.  Come join the team!

Indiewire’s “Project of the Day”

Big News for As Far As The Eye Can See as Indiewire has made it their “Project of the Day” for Tuesday, Oct 13.  Check it out.  Add a comment and put us in the running to be the “Project of the Week”.  Thanks!

The Road Theatre Playwrights Festival

The Road Theatre in North Hollywood, will be doing a reading of my new play – L – on Tuesday, July 28th @ 8pm.  Cast: Richard Herd, Laurie Okin, Joshua Wolf Coleman.  Directed by William Charlton. Come check it out!


As Far As The Eye Can See.    

Coach Shout-Out!

Mark Oristano – actor/photographer/sportscaster/friend/all around good dude – said some kind words about The Coach recently on Theatre Jones – a website for the theatre arts in the DFW metroplex.  He’s talking sports.  He’s talking theatre.  Give ‘er a read at  Thanks, Mark!